Belated Burns

Sir Robbie Burns himself







Burns supper at Altenburg Kitchen was a feast for the eyes, Charlie Nelson, foodie extraordinaire  joined us to create a feast Mr Burns would have been proud of.  Charlie having worked under many a chef was under no illusion of a simple Burns supper of haggis, neeps and tatties (a meal that has in the past conjured up visions of a giant plate of baby food).  Oh no, this was was to be Burns with  a twist, an experimental Blumenthal one at that.   

The evening kicked off with Rosie the photographer on a mission to grab some ‘relaxed’ shots of Camilla and I slicing and dicing in the kitchen for a piece in The Daily Express on underground restaurants. I don’t know what it is but as soon as a lens is put within a 100m radius of either us, panic and desperation strikes, sweats breaks out and a worrying shade of red descends across our panic-striken faces. After a lot of awkward pretend cooking of Charlie’s beautifully prepared dishes it was onto the best part – the eating. 

Service with a smile!

Starter was salmon ceviche with a lime, chilli, caper and coriander dressing.  When Charlie had mentioned salmon Ceviche we realised that a Billingsgate adventure was on the cards, however with both of us working during the day and miles away from Billingsgate we were not looking forward to trekking there at an eye watering 5 am. Enter Marky Market, our fantastic new find who does the trekking and price wrangling at both Billingsgate and Smithfield markets and then delivers his bounty to your front door… long live Marky Market!      

Salmon ceviche with lime, chilli, caper and coriander dressing

As the ceviche was cleared and the odd diner sloped out the back for a sly fag an odd noise was heard from one of the bedrooms, it steadily grew, guests started to look nervous when suddenly our very own Altenburg piper emerged…glowing!       

Jock the piper

Piper appreciation

As Jock the piper piped away some merry tunes we  hurried away at assembling the haggis millefuille made up of rosti, haggis, pomme purée, bashed neeps, stir fried greens and wiskey and onion cream, my mouth is watering again, I think I just dribbled on my key pad.  With 25 plates to serve up, the heat was on and the photographer was serving, so after all Charlie’s hard work we have no pictures for you to salivate over, trust me Robbie B would have been chuffed to bits.  

Rosti concentration

And so it was onto the pudding, with no batter in sight until now it was time to make its entry, deep fried Celebrations were on the menu with whisky ice-cream and home-made shortbread, good-bye calorie counter. 


Deep-fried Celebraions

Whisky ice cream


By the time pudding was rounded the corner the piping and whisky had certainly started to take it’s toll.  Tables were pushed aside and Altenburg Kitchen’s version of dancing with the stars Scottish-style erupted…       

Team Burns

 at 3 am we finally said good-bye to the piper and the chef of the hour….      

Le chef  


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