Boy:Girls = 21:1 Grrrrr

If you are a boy and reading this yet STILL  have not sampled the culinary delights of Altenburg Kitchen I think I may have just come up with Altenburg’s trump card over other supper clubs. Last Wednesday we poured 22 cocktails and served up 22 meals for 21 girls and errrrr… 1 boy. How did he cope I hear you mutter, well you can judge for your self…   

Who's the daddy?

So as the bun fight commenced we took cover in the kitchen, spanakopita parcels were up first…


Followed by saffron stuffed shoulder of lamb, with stuffed peppers (excuse all the stuffing), tzatziki and green salad. There is something about stuffed peppers a la Delia which just works so well with lamb, the tomatoes and capers balance out the richness of the lamb and are a refreshing change from the usual meat and 2 veg option.  So if you, like me, are always trying to come up with an alternative to boiled peas and mashed potatoes to go with red meat try these.   

Roast Peppers a la Delia (Serves 4)   

2 Red Peppers

 1 Tin of plum tomatoes   

1 Clove of garlic   

100g Capers   

1 Tin of plum tomatoes   

4 Tbsp olive oil   

4 Tbsp balsamic vinegar       

1 tin of anchovies  

  •  Cut the peppers down the middle and de seed them.  Place them in a well oiled baking tin, skin side down.     
  • In each pepper place one plum tomato, a large spoonful of tomato juice, a pinch of finely chopped garlic, 2 tsps of capers, a sprinkling of black pepper. You can place 2 anchovies over the top however this is optional.  
  • Pour 2 tbsps of olive oil and balsamic vinegar over each pepper and place in oven to roast for 35 minutes, removing to spoon juices over peppers every 10 minutes.

Roast Peppers

Things by this point were getting fairly passionate in the sitting room, competition for conversation with the alpha-male was heated to say the least, bread rolls were being lobbed at possible competition,  clothes were getting scarce, offers of marriage were being slung about as if it was a Thai bride wedding convention. Did I ever mention I like to ‘fruit’ up a story? A good old heart-warming pudding was needed to get the party really started, if you EVER need a pudding to worm your way to a man/ women’s ‘heart’ this has got to be the answer.          

White Chocolate Waffle pudding (Serves 6-8)         

14 Waffles 

300g Raspberries (you can use frozen) 

200g White chocolate 

55g Caster sugar 

1 tbsp Flour 

3 Eggs 

1 Tsp Lemon rind 

1 Tsp Vanilla extract 

500 ml Double cream 

2 Tbsp Icing sugar

  • Set the oven to 170 c/ 325F/ Gas 3
  • Butter an ovenproof dish. Break up waffles into mouth size pieces and place half of them into the dish topped by half the raspberries, ½ the choc (broken up also)    
  • Repeat layers     
  •  Whisk sugar, flour, eggs, lemon rind, vanilla and cream – Pour over the waffles and set aside for 10 mins.    
  • Bake for 35 mins, until golden.      
  • Dust with icing sugar to serve.     

White Choc Waffle Pudding


And there you have it, knowledge of the where-abouts of the gentleman in question is still unknown, he was last seen being chased out the front door by 21 woman covered in white chocolate waffle pudding.   


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