Altenburg Kitchen is the product of our great friends Rose’s 27th birthday.  Rose was sadly packing her bags for a long trip to India just before her birthday and so we decided to offer her up the stuff dreams are made of; a dinner party at Altenburg Gardens for all her friends, cooked by yours truly.  Rose’s imminent trip to India gave us the perfect excuse to get our curry hats on, I took the baton for Keralan creamy coconut prawn curry while Camilla embarked on an eye and mouth watering North Indian lamb curry.

Fresh herbs and spices filled the house with wofts of Asian welcome, home-made raita, chutneys and baskets of chapattis filled the table and all of a sudden 40 birthday guests descended.  There is nothing more rewarding than a table full of friends tucking into your food with smiles on their faces, all the hard work pays off in a second and that is what we want to create with Altenburg Kitchen; a place to come and relax with friends and have a laugh and hopefully enjoy the food!

And so Altenburg Kitchen was born, as we sat reminiscing over the curry night’s antics in a greasy spoon on Northcote Road (yes there is one) we decided that we wanted to have our own restaurant, we’d read about other people doing it why couldn’t we?

And so here we are, no disasters yet (CROSS FINGERS) and still loving it.


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  1. It is a great idea and a fantastic concept! Well done and long life to Altenburg Kitchen

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