Sunday, July 3rd

Friday, 5th March (minimum donation £25)

Parma ham, home-made pesto and mozzarella salad

Fillet steak and roasted tomatoes served with stir-fried cabbage and chorizo mashed potato

Caramelised oranges with pomegranate

Cheese board

Wednesday, 24th March

Mexican Feast

Vegetable quesadilla, squid empanadas

Chicken mole and fish tacos all served with black beans, mexican rice and quacamole

Mexican flan


5 responses to “Diary

  1. Mark Merritt

    Mega impressed with not only your culinary skills but also your tech wizardry Harrison. Can’t wait for the Christmas surprise on the 16th x

  2. Lou

    not sure the piggies ears looks my cup – can i request and book in for a curry night in Feb please!! yummmmmmmmmmmmmy



  3. Camilla Smith

    Have you got your dates in Feb yet? looks amazing and super impressive. looking forward to the next date x

  4. Emily T

    Hi Lucy – Happy New Year! Fastt gathering a good woozy crowd, we are awaiting Feb dates as Jan no good…. looking forward to it! xx

  5. Clem

    Dinner was so good last night- to sum it up it was AMAZING- every last detail was thought of from the warm bread to the individual pots of cream to go with the pud.. The fish stew was exceptional.. I will be back very soon!Thank you for such a lovely evening.XX

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